McTV – Your Local Marshalltown TV Channel

For the past 30 years the City of Marshalltown and the Iowa Valley Community College District has been offering citizens in Marshalltown a local educational/governmental cable television station.

Marshalltown Community Television (McTV) is located in the Iowa Valley Continuing Education building on the Marshalltown campus. McTV offers a variety of programs that include the City Council Meetings, School Board meetings, local sporting events, and programs dealing with art and culture.

McTV also produces a variety of programs that focus on key elements of our community. For instance, “At Your Service” focuses on our local police department, fire department, and other city services. “It’s Our Nature” is a show focusing on the Marshall County Conservation Department and the many programs it offers. “Marshall Arts” series covers a wide variety of music, dance, art, and other cultural events and activities.

McTV prides itself on focusing on the many positive things that are going on in Marshalltown and the surrounding area.

In recent years McTV has added programming to their website as well. Many of the programs that can viewed on cable TV can also be viewed online. The website for viewing McTV programming can be found by visiting: There is no charge for viewing the online programming. Citizens may view the programming at any time day or night at their convenience.

For those citizens who subscribe to Mediacom cable, McTV can be found on channel 85 if subscribers have a Mediacom cable box. Otherwise, viewers can find McTV on channel 121-5 on the digital tier of cable channels. Residents who have a satellite TV provider like “Dish” or “DIRECTV” are not able to view McTV programming. However, they can still view some of the programming online if they have internet service.

McTV is committed to providing quality local television programming to the citizens of Marshalltown. We would like to hear from you about programming that you would like to see in the future. Please feel free to contact Jacque Goodman at (641) 844-5640 or Craig Schwartz at (641) 844-5630. You can also email Craig at

Jacque Goodman is Vice Chancellor of Continuing Education at Marshalltown Community College and administrator of McTV

Craig Schwartz is the Coordinator of Production and Programming for Marshalltown Community Television (McTV).